Mystic River Cleanup Draws a Crowd

On Saturday, April 25, as part of Mystic Community Earth Day, MyRWA hosted a cleanup at DCR Torbert Macdonald Park in Medford.

Community volunteers, families, neighbors and friends from local businesses like Medford WholeFoods, local schools such as Tufts University and UMass Boston, and local clubs like the Mystic River Rugby Club all gathered together to improve the condition of the meandering paths and waterfront at the park. 

Volunteers collected enough trash to fill two truck loads and enough tree limbs and branches to fill another whole truck. Clothing, milk crates, barrels, and furniture were gathered into piles and garbage bags were filled with wrappers, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, cigarette butts, and more.  

We cannot thank our community enough for helping make Medford a better place to live, eat, work, and play!