You can be part of the mystic

We protect and restore the Mystic river

Photo credit: Chris McIntosh

Photo credit: Chris McIntosh

The Mystic River Watershed is a network of rivers, streams and lakes that drain into the Mystic River.

Photo credit: Patrick Herron

Photo credit: Patrick Herron

The Mystic River Watershed Association addresses issues of water quality and environmental preservation.

Photo credit: David Fichter

Photo credit: David Fichter

We work with more than 1,000 volunteers each year in a variety of projects.  Discover the Mystic today!  



Each spring over 1/2 million river herring migrate from the ocean up the Mystic River to the Mystic Lakes and to Horn Pond . You can help document one of the most amazing wildlife migrations in Massachusetts by counting fish with our underwater fishcam!

Climate Resiliency


The Mystic River watershed is facing growing climate-related challenges including flooding, drought and heat.  We partner with government, business and community stakeholders throughout the watershed to help its people and places not only survive but thrive in the face of climate challenges.


Mystic Greenways

The Mystic Greenways Initiative will connect 25 miles of paths, improve hundreds of acres of parkland and engage thousands of community members from the Mystic Lakes to the Boston Harbor. 

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