Welcome Back the River Herring!

The return of the river herring is a sure sign of spring for Mystic River communities, and the Mystic River Watershed Association is happy to offer the public an opportunity to view this annual migration. Join us for an open house at the DCR Upper Mystic Lake Dam on Mystic Valley Parkway in Medford to learn more about the Blueback and Alewife Herring. 

Fish Ladder Open House Dates:

  • Sunday, May 17th, 12PM to 3PM

  • Monday, May 18th, 3PM-7PM

  • Friday, May 22nd, 3PM-7PM

If you would like to coordinate a group visit, please contact the Association at 781-316-3438.  Read more about the Herring Monitoring Program at www.mysticriver.org/herring-monitoring/.

The Mystic River Watershed Association (MyRWA) was founded in 1972 and has largely functioned as a volunteer-run organization, mobilizing activists on a project-by-project basis. Its mission is to protect and restore the Mystic River, its tributaries and watershed lands for the benefit of present and future generations and to celebrate the value, importance and great beauty of these natural resources. 

For more information see www.MysticRiver.org.