"The Tenacity of Water Chestnuts" by Elizabeth Preston

Volunteers at a water chestnut pulling event held by the Mystic River Watershed Association. Photo by David Mussina

On April 22nd, Elizabeth Preston of Hakai Magazine, wrote a beautiful article titled, "The Tenacity of Water Chestnuts." This piece features the problematic invasive species in the Mystic River and beyond known as, water chestnuts (Trapa Natans), an absolute menace of a plant blocking sunlight to life below, reducing oxygen, and clogging waterways.  

Preston herself joined an army of volunteers in the battle against water chestnuts on a sunny midsummer day heaping the invasive plants up into baskets aboard canoes and kayaks. Although the Mystic River Watershed Association (MyRWA) works hard to combat water chestnuts, it is an ongoing battle with a great deal of resistance. 

For the full article by Elizabeth Preston visit: hakaimagazine.com

Looking to get involved? Visit: Water Chestnut Removal Project and sign up to join in on the fight!