Volunteer Stewardship 2019: See the Stats!

Thank you to everyone who came out and cleaned up the Mystic River this season! Over 4,500 baskets of water chestnut were removed from the river—amounting to over 46 tons of plant material. You also cut more than 1,000 lawn bags worth of oriental bittersweet vine and removed upwards of 100 bags of litter from parks and paths. This all helps to restore water quality, healthy habitats and connect people to the Mystic—increasingly important goals as we face climate change.


Our corporate volunteer program raised $35,000. We are pleased to partner with (in order of volunteer events):

  • Mathworks

  • Google

  • Environmental Partners

  • Biogen

  • Abt Assocviates

  • IHS Markit

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield

  • Clifton Larsen Allen

  • ZS Associates

  • Boston Cares - Pfizer

  • Encore Boston Harbor

  • Salsify

  • Smart Bear

  • Agero

  • Eagle Investment Systems

  • Building Impact- Takeda

  • Underwriters Laboratories

Thanks for a great season!