Alewife Constructed Wetlands Unveiled

Alewife Constructed WetlandsOn Tuesday, October 15, 2013, over 100 people gathered at the new amphitheater in Cambridge’s Alewife Reservation for the grand opening of the Alewife Constructed Wetland. The 3.4 acre wetland is one of the largest constructed wetlands in New England and will store and treat stormwater runoff and improve water quality in the Little River and the Alewife Brook.  

This construction project is a key element of the Alewife Sewer Separation Project that will separate the combined sanitary wastewater and stormwater infrastructure in the Huron Ave and Concord Ave neighborhoods east of Fresh Pond as part of the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority’s (MWRA) Long Term Combined Sewer Overflow Control Plan for the Alewife Brook.  The overall project cost more than $150 million and will result in the reduction of 86% of combined sewer overflows (CSOs) to Alewife Brook. Project partners include Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA), City of Cambridge, and the Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR). The project is associated with the cleanup of Boston Harbor.

The wetland includes plant and wildlife habitat, natural flood control, and wetlands treatment as is consistent with DCR’s Alewife Reservation Master Plan. The site also provides recreational amenities, including a boardwalk and scenic overlooks, environmental education opportunities, interpretive signage and links to the Alewife Greenway Extension’s bike and pedestrian paths – connecting to the Minuteman Bike Path as well.

Check out the new park! The wetland is located behind the MBTA’s Alewife Station. Exit Alewife Station to Alewife Station Access Road and turn right going north under the parking structure overpass, approximately 500 feet. Turn left to cross Alewife Station Access Road heading west to the Alewife Greenway Extension.

Read the full press release here or view photos of the opening ceremony.