Comments for Clippership Connector Due June 21st

Imagine 10-miles of connected parks and paths along the Mystic.

This vision is not far from reality as plans for the Clippership Connector project in Medford move forward. This proposed half-mile waterfront path will connect more than 10 miles of contiguous greenways and provide a safe and scenic route between Medford Square, Andrew/McGlynn Schools and Riverbend Park. Commuters, school children and families playing on the river will be able to access a section of the Mystic that, to date, has been blocked from public access. 

On June 6th the MA Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) hosted their second, and final, public meeting for the Clippership Connector. We were thrilled to see over 70 supporters in the room! The presentation showcased 75% design plans for Clippership Connector; the design will be complete by the end of 2019 and construction will begin in 2020.

You can view the presentation and submit comments here - the deadline is June 21