We accomplish our work with the help of volunteers and partnering organizations. Each year we honor key contributions at the Annual Meeting.

Mystic Municipal Leadership Award: Joseph Curtatone and his staff at the City of Somerville.

From planting 100 trees in the watershed, to revitalizing Blessing of the Bay Park, to now working to collaboratively tackle climate change at a watershed scale, the City of Somerville deserves recognition. Special thank you to staff who have worked alongside MyRWA - Arn Franzen, Vanessa Boukilli, Oliver Sellers-Garcia, Hannah Payne, Kristen Stelljes and Brad Rawson, the Director of Transportation and Infrastructure, who accepted the award on behalf of the mayor.

Mystic Champion: Commissioner Marty Suuberg, Department of Environmental Protection (DEP)

MassDEP listened to the communities of Malden, Everett and Medford, when it issued a written determination that National Grid must build a ½ mile path along the Malden River under Chapter 91, which requires landowners to include public amenities. This section would nearly complete the entire Malden River Greenway. Special thank you to Ben Lynch, Chief of DEP’s Waterways and Chapter 91 program who accepted this award.

Award Volunteer of the Year: Sue Brown & Michael Fager

This year two people stood out and instead of making an impossible choice we decided to that we didn't have to make a choice.  Both Michael and Sue have the distinction of having worked this year in almost every area where volunteers can contribute: 

  • both have been water quality monitors

  • both were herring monitors

  • both were eel counters

  • both staffed public events serving as ambassadors for the organization

  • both worked on independent and important initiatives as members of our policy committee

 Ripple Impact Award: John Reinhardt

Dedicating 30 years to the Mystic—it is thought that perhaps instead of blood running through his veins John has Mystic River water. Under John’s direction, the organization has grown in strength and impact, and this year John was recognized for this outstanding dedication and effort with the Ripple Award. A statement was read by former Executive Director, EkOngKar Singh Khalsa, where he extolled John’s steadfast, insightful and supportive leadership.


                Linda Caswell
                Kimi Ceridon

                Robin Watkins
               Sara Barbuto


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The updated bylaws are now available for review here. Revisions to the bylaws targeted obsolete language, eligibility for voting membership (Article II), role of Executive Director (Article IV), term limits (Article V, Sec. 3) election of officers (Article VI, Sec. 2), and indemnification (Article XII). Members voted to approve the updated bylaws at the annual meeting. A summary of the changes can be found here.

 Nomination of Board members for a term to expire in October 2021
Caroline Broderick
Barbara Kessner Landau
Karl Touet