Action Alert: Support Environmental Justice

Calling all advocates! The House of Representatives has indicated it will soon take up the environmental bond bill (H4558) and is considering including the Environmental Justice Act (H2913). The committee is specifically interested in whether there is broad support for environmental justice policy among environmental organizations and allies. 

Supporters of Environmental Justice- please write and/or call: 

Chairman Jeffrey Sánchez,,  617-722-2990 

Speaker Robert Deleo,,  617-722-2500

(and consider copying your state rep)


Thank you for your support of equity and our environment. I am writing in support of H2913, the Environmental Justice Act, also contained within H4558, the environmental bond bill. This legislation would codify Executive Order 552 on environmental justice, ensuring our environmental policies are fair and benefit low-income communities and communities of color.

My organization (Mystic River Watershed Association) believes it is critical we address environmental justice this session. Please advance environmental justice policies within the bond bill