Hippos in the Mystic River

April Fool's!

We may or may not have tricked you with the hippos, but we really do need help keeping the Mystic River clean and free of invasive species. Volunteers, not hippos(!), helped us remove 67 tons of invasive species from the Mystic River and parks last year!

If you've never heard of water chestnut, they are floating-leaved plants that form thick mats over the water surface and make the river barely passable in some locations.  MyRWA eradication efforts of water chestnut have been ongoing since 2010, and we're still aggressively combating water chestnuts by partnering with corporations and community members to hand-pull the plant. In 2016 we also launched our Oriental bittersweet removal project. This land-based activity tackles the invasive vine that can kill tress, impairs habitat value and degrades park aesthetics. 

Join us at any of the three community cleanup days to help us improve the health and aesthetic of the river!

June 23rd | July 14 | August 18

Can't make it to one of these events––you can still help by donating to the Mystic River Watershed Association. Your gift will be used to support our invasive removal programs, as well as our efforts to improve water quality and created connected paths and vibrant parks for all our communities.