Erica Wood joins MyRWA as Communications and Outreach Manager

Welcome to Erica Wood, the Mystic River Watershed Association’s new Communications and Outreach Manager. We wanted to get to know her better, and we’re sure you do too, so we sat down to talk with her about what makes her tick!  

Q: Tell us about an experience that has led you here:

A: I had a passionate professor in college who I credit for my interest in environmental work. That class and subsequent sustainable agriculture classes shaped my college and professional career. Prior to joining MyRWA, I worked at Growing Places. There I managed food access and advocacy programs, as well as the Greening the Gateway Cities (GGC) program, a free tree planting program for area residents. I hosted tree identification and tree planting workshops, and worked with DCR foresters to plant more than 800 trees in 18 months.

Q: What’s something interesting about you that we wouldn’t learn from your resume alone?

A: Though I grew up in Georgia, my mom’s family is from a remote village outside of Nome, Alaska. I regularly crave Eskimo food!

Q: What do you do when you aren't working?

A: I spend a lot of time planning my garden, growing and cooking with rare/heirloom produce. I’m also growing a dye garden this year and hope to jumpstart some art projects with the dyes. I try to hike with friends as often as I can, and my boyfriend and I like to go kayak camping. My favorite trip from last year was out to Jewell Island in Casco Bay, Maine.

Q: What is your favorite place?

A: I spent summers in northern Michigan as a child so it will always be a magical place for me. Thanks to my recent move to New England, Northern Maine is now one of my favorite places as well.

Q: What are you watching on Netflix right now?

A: I’m watching both the Crown and Poldark­− I’m a big fan of historical fiction/period pieces. Also Parks and Rec!

Q: What part of your job are you most excited about?

A: MyRWA is already doing impactful work which makes my job fun- I get to tell people how great of an organization we are. Communications is all about reaching people and creating new connections, so I’m looking forward to bringing a fresh and strategic approach to this kind of relationship building.  As a spirited believer in community engagement I know our work couldn’t be done without supporters.

Have questions or want to introduce yourself? Send Erica an email at .