Meet the Summer Interns!

MyRWA is thrilled to introduce you to our awesome team of summer interns:

ELIZABETH WHITE, Water Quality & Invasive Species Intern    

Liz counting American eels.

Liz counting American eels.

Elizabeth is originally from Cheltenham, Pennsylvania and currently studies Environmental Engineering with a minor in Environmental Science and Policy at Tufts University. She will graduate in 2019 and would like to do remediation work. Elizabeth’s favorite part of this internship is sampling on the water because she enjoys being on the water in MyRWA’s motorboat and canoe. Being an intern from MyRWA, she is hoping to get more hands on experience with lab and field work, as well as more experience with community engagement. Elizabeth enjoys playing rugby and soccer for fun, as well as reading and being a part of Engineers without Borders. A fun fact about Elizabeth is that she is a fraternal twin.  

ZACK ZAHNER, Water Quality & Invasive Species Intern

Photo by Robert Castagna.

Photo by Robert Castagna.

Zack is from Melrose, Massachusetts and currently attends Harvard University where he studies Environmental Science and Public Policy. He will graduate in 2018 and aspires to join a Board of Directors for a major non-profit organization. His favorite element of this internship is the combination of hard science fieldwork with policy and community outreach. He is hoping to learn more about how river systems interact with communities and more about invasive species, as well as learning the business end of non-profits. Zack enjoys hiking, running, and really anything that allows him to be active outside. A fun fact about Zack is that he used to go swimming in the Mystic River as a kid.

JACK BITNEY, Water Quality & Invasive Species Intern

Photo by Robert Castagna.

Photo by Robert Castagna.

Jack is originally from Minnetonka, Minnesota and currently studies Environmental Engineering at Tufts University. He will graduate in 2019 and would like to do environmental research or something related to hydrology. Some of Jack’s favorite things about the internship include getting water samples at the various sites along the watershed with the other interns, and talking to local people at invasive plant removal events about the environmental changes they’ve seen as a result of MyRWA’s work. He is hoping to gain water quality monitoring experience and to do more active environmental work through his internship. For fun, Jack enjoys hiking, playing frisbee, and sailing for Tufts and MIT. A fun fact about Jack is that he can ride a unicycle.

SHAUNA GOULET, Water Quality & Invasive Species Intern LOW.jpg

Shauna was a MyRWA water quality intern in 2015 and is back for more! She is from Acton, Massachusetts and is currently getting her Masters Degree in Applied Geohydrology from UMass Amherst. Prior to attending grad school, Shauna studied Environmental Science with a minor in Geology. Shauna would like a career in environmental science, hydrology, and/or geology. She enjoys working outside with many different, wonderful, passionate people through this internship. She is hoping to gain experience in water quality sampling and other related watershed work. For fun, Shauna enjoys hiking, biking, and walking. She also loves music and plays both the piano and the trumpet. A fun fact about Shauna is that she has been doing martial arts for 14 years and currently has a black belt in Kung-Fu and a second degree brown belt in Shotokan Karate.

EMILY LANDRY, Communications & Event Planning Intern

Emily is from Nashua, New Hampshire and currently studies Electronic Media Production with a minor in Event Management at High Point University in North Carolina. She will graduate in December 2018 and hopes to be an event planner and videographer for a major non-profit organization. Her favorite part of this internship is having the opportunity to capture the beauty of the Mystic River from behind the lens of a camera. Emily hopes to gain more experience working with a non-profit organization as an intern and hopes to provide MyRWA with some great new video material. Emily enjoys photography, dancing, and swimming in her free time and a fun fact about her is that she won a Student Emmy in 2015.


Greta, originally from Waterford, Virginia, comes to MyRWA from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, where she is studying Landscape Architecture. Through this Greenways internship, Greta is looking forward to getting exposure to community practices around building connected spaces and engaging the public in the design process. She is enjoying the small community our office provides, and the opportunity to work with environmental scientists in a nonprofit atmosphere. Thinking long-term, Greta is interested in having a design practice or going into academia and teaching - or ideally both! Her interests include running, hiking, drawing and eating good food. Greta's fun fact is that she just spent a month at an artist in residence program in a small village in Italy!

KIM SMET, Communications & Outreach Intern

Kim lives in Arlington, Massachusetts and is currently getting her Masters and PhD in Water Resource Science and Engineering at Harvard University. She previously attended the University of British Columbia where she received her Bachelors in Environmental Science. Her ultimate goal is to work on climate adaptation planning, focusing on either the applied research or implementation side of things. Her favorite part about this internship is getting exposed to all the different projects going on and seeing the enthusiasm that people have for their work. As an intern, Kim would like to learn more about water resources locally. Kim enjoys crafting in her free time and a fun fact about her is that it says “alien” on her birth certificate.