#GivingTuesday - A success for Water Quality

Finding and reporting pollution is the first step in cleaning up our water, and your support on #GivingTuesday is helping us accomplish this work along with our 40 plus volunteers.

Every month these volunteers go out before 8AM to collect water quality samples from all over the Mystic River Watershed. No matter the weather—rain or shine, sleet or snow—the volunteers are testing our water quality. Why do they do it? Because our volunteers know that the data they collect makes a difference. From municipal leaders asking how they can improve their “grade” to the US Environmental Protection Agency taking direct action to stop pollution to the creation of rain gardens—the data is used far and wide.

Thank you to these volunteers for coming out every month; and for believing in science and the importance of being involved in improving and restoring our local environment!

Alice Flaherty · Bill Eykamp · Bob Knippen · Bob Paine · Clay Larsen · Daria Alladio · Doug Matson · Emily Lowry Cole · Jack Beusmans · Jim Jolley · John Roland Elliott · Juan Vasquez · Julie Hambrook Berkman · Justine Yu · Kannan Thiru · Karen Buck · Kate Adams · Katie Moore · Kimi Ceridon · Lacey Bell · Linda Arnow · Linda Caswell · Magdalena Ayed · Martijn den Heijer · Matthew Shuman · Meagan Riley · Michael Fager · Michael Moros · Moira Ashleigh · Pete Howard · Randell Drane · Robin Watkins · Roger Wrubel · Sara Barbuto · Sarah Shaw · Susan Brown · Tamara Westgate · Tracy Olson · Vasiliki Tsakraklides

For #GivingTuesday we had a goal of fully funding three of our 15 baseline sites; and we achieved this! Thank you to all our donors. For those who have yet to give, you can still donate to this important program.