Malden River Greenway Vision

Press Release issued 10/23/2017

The Mystic River Watershed Association (MyRWA), in partnership with the cities of Everett, Malden, and Medford recently completed the Malden River Greenway Vision Plan to reimagine the future of the Malden River. Underneath a lighted tent along the Malden River, the vision felt within reach. Held on October 4, 2017 at Village Landing Park in Everett, the final public meeting showcased the final plans, drawings and results from the community outreach process. Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Commissioner Martin Suuberg addressed the crowd, pledging his Department’s support for improvements envisioned for the Malden River.

 “The amount of momentum and enthusiasm that this plan is gaining is quite unique. Several open space and path projects are under construction or are being actively designed and, in just a few months, hundreds of people showed up to share their voice to the planning process. Thanks to broad public support, municipal leadership and active projects, we’re well on our way to seeing the vision realized,” said Amber Christoffersen, Greenways Director at the Mystic River Watershed Association.

The vision plan, led by the design consultant, Utile, proposes new waterfront paths, parks, bridges, and boating facilities for the Malden River. These recommendations are a result of a robust community engagement process that began in June that attracted more than 200 people to the public meetings and the completion of nearly 200 surveys. You can view the presentations and final designs at

Design by Utile.

Design by Utile.

Several Malden River Greenway projects are currently underway: Wellington Greenway Phase IV, Woods Memorial Bridge Reconstruction, Everett Riverwalk at the Rivergreen site, and the Gateway Park Connector. These projects are being led and supported by a strong coalition of cities, agencies, nonprofits, developers and residents. These stakeholders will guide future implementation, ultimately raising the visibility of and transforming the Malden River.

The Malden River Greenway project is a partnership between the Mystic River Watershed Association, cities of Everett, Malden and Medford, Bike to the Sea, Friends of the Malden River, Lawrence and Lillian Solomon Foundation (A Greener and Greater Boston), Preotle, Lane and Associates, and Wynn Boston Harbor.