Action Alert: Call your Elected Officials!

Do you want to do something tangible to help the Mystic River?   Will you make a 1-minute phone call today to protect the Mystic River? 

Below is a list of priority bills for rivers in Massachusetts. We need your help us get these passed! The first step is getting as many legislative cosponsors as possible for each of these bills. Please call your representative(s) and senator(s) by February 2nd (the sooner the better!) and ask them to co-sponsor these bills. 

"HD" means House Docket and refers to the House version of the bill; "SD" means Senate Docket and refers to the Senate version. It is much more effective to call than to email, so please take a moment to do so. To find your representative or senator click here.

The following two bills will impact water quality in the Mystic River Watershed and are our top priorities: 

  • An Act to improve water quality and pollution control programs (HD.2348) directs the Water Resources Commission to conduct a gap analysis of federal and state water pollution control programs. Filed by Rep. Rogers - NEW

  • An Act promoting awareness of safe recreation in public waterways (SD.1979/HD.3585) would institute a statewide sewage discharge notification system to alert Massachusetts residents when combined sewer overflow discharges make rivers unsafe for recreation. Filed by Rep. Provost and Sen. Jehlen - REFILE

The following four additional bills will have impacts throughout the state and are also important for our elected officials to co-sponsor:

  • An Act relative to drought management (SD.1828/HD.2398) would give the Massachusetts Drought Management Task Force statutory authority and provide the EEA Secretary with the authority to require conservation measures during a drought. Filed by Rep. Dykema and Senator Eldridge - NEW

  • An Act relative to nitrogen impaired embayments (HD.3183) would require that on-site septic systems installed in nitrogen sensitive areas will treat for nitrogen and An Act relative to failed septic systems (HD.3177) would allow MassDEP to approve loans to upgrade on-site septic systems to those which can treat for nitrogen. Filed by Rep. Schmid - REFILE

  • An Act relative to streamflow standards (SD.391/HD.2739) would require DEP to adopt regulations to maintain streamflow and water levels. Filed by Rep. Smizik and Senator Eldridge - REFILE

  • An Act providing for the establishment of sustainable water resource funds (SD.393/HD.2403) would authorize municipalities to assess a “water-banking” fee on large-scale water users to conserve water, address environmental impacts and fix municipal infrastructure. Filed by Rep. Dykema and Senator Eldridge - REFILE

Here is a sample script for what you can say when talking to your senator or representative:
"Hi. This is _____  I'm a constituent from (town) and I'm also a member of the Mystic River Watershed Association. I'm calling to ask (Representative/Senator X) to cosign some bills that would help protect water quality and quantity in (your local rivers). Here are the bills:  [give list below - note that reps need the HD #'s and senators need the SD #'s. They might also want to know who's filed the bills]. Thank you so much for supporting the environment. Goodbye."

Thank you for your advocacy on behalf of the Mystic and rivers across the Commonwealth! Thanks to Mass Rivers Alliance for compiling this information. Please take a moment to let us know you called by filling out this short survey.