Mystic River Watershed Association's 2015 - 2020 Strategic Plan Now Available

The Mystic River Watershed Association’s Strategic Plan 2015-2020 builds upon our history of sound scientific practice and community engagement. The Plan places special emphasis on increasing our role in climate resilience and determining impacts and possible solutions to these new conditions. Since our founding in 1972 we have utilized volunteer efforts to achieve our goals. Grassroots community support and engagement is essential to our work and we look forward to expanding our community connections and partnerships to improve environmental conditions in the Mystic River Watershed.

Our vision is for a Mystic River Watershed where:

  • There are opportunities for safe boating and swimming

  • Rivers, lakes, and streams host abundant fish and wildlife habitat

  • Well-designed and accessible parks and open spaces along the Mystic River allow pedestrians and bicyclists to move easily and safely in connected spaces along the waterfront

  • All local, state, regional and national stakeholders – from local municipalities to federal regulators – take seriously and ambitiously their role as stewards of the watershed, and value and invest in its future.

While seeing water quality improvements takes time, we are confident in our approach outlined in the Plan. Together with our members, donors, partners, volunteers and state, federal and local policy-makers we will protect and restore the Mystic River for future generations.

Read the Strategic Plan.

Please note, if you would like a more detailed version of our 2015-2020 Strategic Plan please contact us.