Addressing stormwater to cleanup our rivers

In response to the Boston Globe's 2/22/2016 article, EPA forcing towns to clean up Charles River, By David Abel, MyRWA's Executive Director, EkOngKar Singh Khalsa offers the following response:

Stormwater pollution is a real problem for rivers, lakes and streams throughout the Commonwealth. 

he Mystic River Watershed Association applauds US EPA's determination to address these problems in the Charles River. Thi represents an important step to eliminate significant impairmen to the local natural environment. 

the Mystic River, as in other urban rivers throughout the country, water quality is significantly impacted by untreated runoff from city streets and municipal stormwater systems. 

As the negative impacts of this runoff become more eviden, the need for a more effective and sophisticated approach to stormwater management becom more apparent. 

Maintaining healthy, clear and free flowing waterways is ell orth the costs.