Somerville Climate Action: Tiny House Presentation with Tiny House Northeast

Join Somerville Climate Action, tiny house enthusiasts, and those who want to live smaller (and happier!) on Wednesday, November 11th for an evening tiny house presentation by Tiny House Northeast.

The more sustainable "tiny house" approach to home ownership presented to us through mostly commercial media has set a segment of American culture on fire! We love the idea of a more affordable, greener housing option. Tiny House Northeast's project manager/lead designer, Isa Bauer C., will offer a view into the real world advantages and challenges of a tiny home. It's a lot more complicated than the TV shows make it appear!

The presentation will help you learn whether this lifestyle is for you, and if it is, what ducks you need to get in order to help make your tiny house journey a success. An area will also be marked off in the size of a tiny house floor plan, so you can get a sense of the space you are working with,  how to add "components", etc.