Asphalt spilled into the Mystic River (updated 6/20/14)

An estimated 2,100 to 10,794 gallons of asphalt were spilled into the Mystic River on June 19, 2014 – this estimate has been revised from 11,000 gallons. The spill occurred from a Sprague Energy vessel at the ExxonMobil facility in Everett, MA. Mystic River Watershed Association staff met with officials from ExxonMobil and Sprague Energy to discuss the incident and learn more about cleanup plans on June 20.

Officials stated the asphalt product solidified upon contact with the water, allowing for efficient removal within a contained area. No one was hurt during the incident and Sprague Energy is reporting that the clean-up is almost complete within 24 hours of the event. MassDEP, NOAA, US Coast Guard as well as Clean Harbors and TMC Environmental were reported to be on site to assess conditions and aid in the cleanup. It was reported that no sheen was observed in the vicinity of the spill or the congealed asphalt mat that covered the river as a result of the spill. A diver investigated the area to determine whether any of the product was present in the water column, on the river bottom or in the sediment.