Announcing MyRWA’s Corporate Volunteer Water Chestnut Program!

Volunteers from IBM help remove water chestnuts.The Mystic River Watershed Association has a unique opportunity for your business, church or community group. We are seeking groups of up to 100 to help us remove water chestnut, an invasive plant, from the Mystic River while offering a fun team-building day!

The Need

Water chestnut is an invasive plant that has recently exploded in the Mystic River. It forms huge stands that impede boats and have negative effects on fish, native plants, and water quality. Managing water chestnut is a major goal of river front towns and cities, boat clubs, river advocates, and citizen groups.

The Opportunity

One of the most effective ways to remove water chestnut is also fun! A four-hour event with 25-100 people in canoes can have a tremendous effect, clearing acres of this invasive plant. By sponsoring a corporate event, your company can participate in a major green initiative while providing a great team-building opportunity and rewarding day on the river for your employees. We have worked with many organizations and companies over the past four years, including IBM, FedEx and Citizens Bank, and supply all the materials and expertise necessary.

The Impact

In four years, hundreds of volunteers have removed thousands of baskets of water chestnut, clearing many acres of the river. We are aiming to expand our efforts every year. Studies have shown that the key to ultimate success in management is sustained effort at the same site over several years. Join us this year to help us meet our goals!

For More Information

Elizabeth Glivinski, Water Chestnut Project Coordinator,, 781-316-3438.