Oil Spill on the Mystic 1/6

The MassDEP was notified of a release of diesel fuel from a tanker truck at the Erickson Fuel Company located at 600 Boston Ave. in Medford on Monday, January 6, 2014.  The capacity of the tanker truck was 2,850 gallons. According to Erickson, the truck was holding 1,449 gallons of diesel fuel winter blend (which means that it was cut with Kerosene, which keeps the fuel liquid enough to pump).  It is reported that a flange at the bottom of the tank froze during the recent frigid weather. The fuel impacted Erickson’s truck yard and the city’s storm drainage system - oil flowed through the storm drains toward the Mystic River.  MassDEP responded to the incident and Medford Fire, DPW and the Environment Office have also been on scene, according to the City of Medford.  A MassDEP spill trailer was dispatched from the Chelsea Fire Department and booms have been deployed to contain the oil. Erickson has hired Ambrose Environmental and ENPRO Services. 

More information will be posted soon.