Special Opportunity: Marine Invader Monitoring and Information Collaborative

The Marine Invader Monitoring and Information Collaborative (MIMIC) is a network of trained volunteers, scientists, and state and federal workers who monitor marine invasive species along the Gulf of Maine. The collaborative provides an opportunity for the general public to actively participate in an invasive species early detection network, identify new invaders before they spread out of control, and help improve our understanding of the behavior of established invaders. More than 100 volunteers are monitoring 38 sites in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine.

The four primary components of the MIMIC program are:

  1. Coordination

  2. Training

  3. Monitoring

  4. Information Transfer

The Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management coordinates the program and data are housed at MIT Sea Grant.

The Invasive Species monitoring is scheduled for:

  1. Wednesday July 24, 6pm

  2. Wednesday Aug 14, 6pm

  3. Wednesday Sept 18, 6pm

The site is at the Boston Harbor Shipyard & Marina, 256 Marginal St, East Boston. 

If you would like to participate in this program please call Beth at 781-316-3438.