Statement on Fuel Spill from the City of Medford

Friday night a tanker crashed at the intersection of Mystic Valley Parkway and Medford St in Arlington, spilling approximately 10,000 gallons of home heating fuel. The fuel ran into the storm drains which let out directly into the Mystic River.

Medford officials have been coordinating directly with the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP).

"A major spill like this one falls under the jurisdiction of MassDEP and we are cooperating fully with them in their cleanup efforts. I am very concerned about the effects on the Mystic River and the health of the abutting neighbors and we want to ensure that the Mystic River Watershed Association is fully involved with the situation," said Mayor McGlynn.

MassDEP explained that residents are likely to continue to smell oil as it is rapidly vaporizing due to the heat and the fumes are being carried on the wind. MassDEP conducted air monitoring last evening and while there are contaminates in the air, no evacuation was deemed necessary as there were no immediate health risks.

Clean Harbors is the Licensed Site Professional overseeing the cleanup under the supervision of MassDEP. They have been onsite since shortly after the spill Friday night. MassDEP and Clean Harbors expect to be on site for approximately a week.

The cleanup is being coordinated from the Arlington side of the river and the primary work site is at the intersection of Mystic Valley Parkway and River Street in Arlington (Harvard Street in Medford).