Mystic River Oil Spill Update 6/14/13

Thanks to the more than 150 people who attended Saturday's meeting in Medford concerning the May 31st oil spill. It was terrific to have such a large crowd for this meeting, showing support for the hard-working emergency crews as well as concern for the health of the Mystic River.

A brief update after speaking with the DEP this morning, 6/14/13:

As of Wed. afternoon the booms have been pulled to the sides of the river, allowing boat traffic. It is safe to canoe/kayak through this area. There are 8 areas with boom along the shore to clean up some bleeding from the shore, particularly on the Arlington side. Clean Harbors is working with the conservation commissions to submit amended Notice Of Intents (NOI's). The crews are moving out of the emergency response phase and into an assessment phase. This work will include working with the conservation commissions on plans for boom maintenance, assessment work, and potential sediment removal.