Three Towns, One Forest Forum

Three Towns, One Forest
Thurs. April 25th, 7pm-9pm
Lesley University hall, 1815 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA

Lesley University, Green Cambridge, and Friends of Alewife Reservation are hosting an environmentally timely Forum to save the Silver Maple Forest from 7pm-9pm.
Speakers on the Forum include: Scott Horsley of Horsley and Witten Co., John Reinhardt of the Mystic River Watershed Association, Geophysicist Lucia Lovison, Quinton Zondervan of Green Cambridge, Minka vanBeuzekom, Cambridge City Council, Scott Horsley of Horsley and Witten Co. and David Morimoto, head of Natural Science and Mathematics Dept. at Lesley.

The Forum is moderated by Amy Mertl, biology professor at Lesley.