Special Presentation Aug. 7 on Herring Monitoring Program Results

This spring, MyRWA coordinated the Mystic River's first Herring Monitoring Program at the Mystic Lakes Dam. This citizen science program relied on 85 volunteers who collected 685 observations over the 82 day program. This data can be used to extrapolate herring run size in the Mystic River. Given that the 2012 program was MyRWA's first, there were many bumps along the road. However, we met program goals, collected valuable data, and learned a lot. Join MyRWA staff, Katrina Sukola and Herring Monitoring Intern, Meghna Marjadi  as they present MyRWA's findings on the Mystic River herring run and how to improve the program for next year's herring run.

When: Tuesday, August 7, 7-8pm

Where: Tufts University, Lincoln Filene Center Rabb Room, Medford

Free and open to the public!