Outreach Committee Chair opening - Can you step up?

Would you like to see a cleaner, healthier Mystic River Watershed?

The Mystic River Watershed Association seeks an Outreach Chair for the active and enthusiastic, volunteer-based Outreach Committee.  This leadership role requires attending the monthly Mystic River Watershed Association Committee Meetings (generally the 1st Tues. of the month at Tufts University), drafting the committee agenda and providing the meeting minutes. The chair works with Mystic River Watershed Association staff and volunteers, and should be organized and self-motivated. The chair has the opportunity to really influence the Committee's role and function - be it event focused, environmental education, PR or otherwise.  Can you help promote the work of the Mystic River Watershed Association?

Are you interested in this volunteer role? Please email Beth@mysticriver.org or call 781-316-3438