MyRWA testifies to New England Fishery Management Council

On September 29th, MyRWA Executive Director, EK Khalsa testified before the New England Fishery Management Council. This testimony was provided as the Council was reviewing plans to modify the New England Fishery Management Plan for Atlantic Herring to include more extensive measures designed to protect river herring. These amendments to the management plan are intended to minimize river herring by catch and to substantially reduce river herring mortality during Atlantic Herring and other commercial fishing trips in coastal New England waters. 

EK spoke about MyRWA's and others efforts to support the restoration of healthy river herring populations in the Mystic River. EK described the commitment made by communities of the Mystic River Watershed to improve water quality and environmental conditions in the Mystic to enhance herring migration and habitat. EK underlined how this work will compliment the more protective measures being considered by the Council.

He ended by asking the NEFMC approve all the measures being considered to protect river herring so that these amendments to the Fishery Management Plan can move forward and be submitted for public comment. 

We are happy to report that this motion passed unanimously and the Council will now submit these amendments for public comment. There will be an opportunity in the months to come to speak out in favor of these modifications to Atlantic Herring Fishery Management Plan on behalf of our river herring in the Mystic River.