Hurricane Irene heads to MA

Stay safe!

Extreme weather conditions are forecasted for Saturday night and Sunday. While MyRWA is eager to collect information of sewer overflows and flooding, your safety is paramount. Please do NOT go out to investigate! MyRWA encourages you to stay indoors on Sunday given the current forecast. Click here to review hurricane information and preparedness suggestions from the Office of Public Safety and Security.

IF you are out and see a sewer overflow or flooding, please report it using this form. Again, safety permitting, send your photos of sewer overflows and flooding, labeled with the location and date, to

What to expect:

  • Sanitary Sewer Overflows (SSOs) and Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs) are possible, releasing untreated sewage onto road surfaces. High bacteria levels are likely for 48 hours after the storm. MyRWA advises you to avoid contact with waterbodies for 48 hours following the storm.

  • Flooding is possible - be cautious.


  • Be prepared to lose power.

  • Pick up trash on your street to prevent it from entering and/or clogging your stormdrain.

  • MyRWA suggests gathering baking supplies for peanut butter chocolate chip cookies to make it through the storm!