MyRWA Seeks GIS Intern

Put your GIS skills to use!
Help the local Mystic River environment!

GIS Internship: Mystic River Watershed Association (MyRWA) : The Mystic River Watershed Association
(MyRWA) is seeking an intern to work on an exciting project that explores the history and complex
contamination at sites along the Malden River. The intern will be asked to find a creative solution to
present the complex legacy of contamination in the area with a graphical representation that allows the
general public to understand. The final product will be an interactive map that allows MyRWA to advocate
for investment, protection and improvement for the environment in this area.

This internship is an unpaid internship but does offer the opportunity to work on an exciting project that
will allow a student to practice and build upon existing GIS skills. This internship opportunity is available
now. Please email if you are interested in this opportunity.