Save the Date for Work of 1,000 film

MyRWA is screening "The Work of 1,000" on March 22, 2012 at the Capitol Theater in Arlington. We will be joined by Marion Stoddart to hear about her journey in cleaning up the Nashua River first hand.

Work of 1,000 is a documentary about the parallel journey of two characters, one a young woman discouraged at her future as a suburban housewife, the other a river - once beautiful and teeming with wildlife - now a hopeless, toxic sludge pit.

Chronicling an important episode in U.S. environmental history, this inspirational story examines the human side of acclaimed environmental pioneer Marion Stoddart.

Marion Stoddart proved that with vision and commitment, an "ordinary" person can accomplish extraordinary things. This film will reveal the secrets of her success and her methods for inspiring change.

Learn how Marion's story can be used here in the Mystic River Watershed!