Outstanding Hot-Spot Monitoring Event

Belle Isle.JPG

In November, 2010 the MyRWA Hot-Spot Monitoring Program visited Belle Isle Inlet in Revere to investigate the sources of contamination that was causing the elevated bacteria results at the monthly Baseline Monitoring Site BEI093. With the help of local resident Jack Markley, staff were able to locate a 36 inch pipe with extremely high levels of Enterococcus bacteria that was releasing significant levels of untreated sewage into the inlet. MyRWA contacted the city of Revere within 24 hours and alerted them to the problem. Revere initiated an investigation the following morning and within five days had begun work to remove the sewer overflow connection to the stormwater outfall at the location. The event highlights the best of the Hot-Spot Monitoring Program in that it helped identify a serious problem that a municipality in turn was able to quickly respond to and initiate repairs. Levels of bacteria contamination at Belle Isle Inlet were measured at 22,000 Enterococcus/100 ml in October 2010 before the repairs were made and at 1,700 Enterococcus/100 ml in December 2010 after the repairs. While the site still fails to meet swimming and boating standards, a significant source of pollution has been removed.