water 2020: a shared vision for Massachusetts

The Nature Conservancy has collaborated with more than 50 watershed groups, including MyRWA, to create a shared plan for achieving sustainable water management in Massachusetts by the year 2020.

What is sustainable water management?

Managing water sustainably means meeting current needs without compromising the needs of future generations. Sustainable water management is essential to the health, safety and economic development of Massachusetts communities and to the health of fish and other native wildlife—now and in the future.

Sustainable water management also takes into account the predicted effects of climate change, such as increased frequency and severity of droughts and floods, helping to ensure the resiliency of our rivers, streams and water supplies.

The environmental community has come together to create Water 2020—a shared vision for water and rivers in Massachusetts. The vision highlights shared priorities and actions that will help us work together to achieve sustainable water management in the Commonwealth by the year 2020.

What is Our Vision for the Year 2020?

Enough clean water for current and future generations.

We must ensure that there is enough clean water to meet the needs of people, our growing economy and wildlife into the foreseeable future.

Clean rivers that support a growing economy.

The rivers, streams and wetlands of Massachusetts must

continue to provide ecological services critical to our health, safety and economy.

A healthy river flows through it.

We envision healthy rivers flowing through vibrant, sustainable communities. Every river in Massachusetts should be an asset to the communities through which it flows. Rivers and streams

provide family time and habitat for fish and other wildlife, while adding natural beauty to our landscapes.