Controlled herbicide spraying on Lower Mystic: Sept. 13

On Monday, Sept. 13th (rescheduled for Aug. 30), an aquatic herbicide will be applied to selected patches of water lilies that have become overgrown on the Lower Mystic River around the Riverside Yacht Club and the Mystic Wellington Yacht Club in Medford, and the Winter Hill Yacht Club in Somerville. The controlled spraying will be conducted by Aquatic Control Technologies, which specializes in the removal and management of aquatic plant species.  Water Lily

For this treatment to be effective, the water should not be disturbed. Groundwork Somerville, the lead on this effort, encourages you to suspend boating activity on the Mystic on Sept. 13th.

The herbicidal treatment is part of Groundwork Somerville’s Mystic Invasives Removal Project, a multiyear effort to eradicate invasive water chestnut plants for the Lower Mystic River, and to address overgrowth of the native water lily.