MyRWA works with Prospect Hill Academy, Groundwork Somerville

On Friday June 5th, MyRWA partnered with Groundwork Somerville and students from Prospect Hill Academy to remove water chestnuts, an invasive plant, from the Mystic River.

A group of ten students from Prospect Hill Academy have been working with MyRWA over the course of the last year as part of their Enrichment Term. Their community service project includes assisting in removing water chestnut, as well as creating educational materials about this invasive plant. These materials will be available soon.

Pulling water chestnuts Groundwork Somerville's National Park Preservers crew, in addition to an Americorps group, assisted in the days efforts, resulting in over 60 baskets of water chestnuts removed from the Mystic River in Somerville. The teams will be back on the river on Friday June 11th.