The Middle and Upper Forebays of Upper Mystic Lake in Winchester, will be chemically treated with USEPA/MA registered aquatic herbicide(s) and algaecide to control nuisance aquatic vegetation and algae on Thursday, June 18th. These areas of the lake only, will be closed to all water usage’s (including swimming, fishing, and boating) on the day of treatment. There is also a seven day restriction on the use of the Forebay waters for irrigation (watering lawns, shrubs or vegetation of any kind) and watering livestock (ie; cattle, horses, etc.) following treatment. Neither the DCR Sandy Beach nor the Medford Boat Club will be impacted or closed. Printed signs warning of the specific water use restrictions will be posted along the shoreline of the two Forebay’s, immediately prior to treatment. The work is being performed under contract with Aquatic Control Technology, Inc., of Sutton, MA for the Friends of Upper Mystic Lake and the Winchester Boat Club, pursuant to permits (license) issued by the MA DEP, Office of Watershed Management and in accordance with an Order of Conditions from the Winchester Conservation Commission.

For more information or questions contact Aquatic Control Technology at 508-865-1000