Mystic Greenways vision

Mystic Greenways Map-01.jpg

The Mystic Greenways Initiative seeks to enhance, revitalize and connect waterfront parklands along the Mystic River and its tributaries by creating:

  • More than 20 miles of contiguous waterfront linear parks and paths from the Mystic Lakes to the Boston Harbor
  • A robust recreation and active transportation system and high-quality open spaces for improved community and environmental health
  • A network of active users and public stewards

The Mystic River and parklands can be an asset to our communities—providing recreation, open space and environmental health benefits—if we invest in them today. 

How we work

Mystic Greenways is a multi-year effort involving many partners and stakeholders in the watershed. We are working collaboratively with the Massachusetts Department of Recreation and Conservation, other federal and state agencies, dozens of towns and cities and many local community groups and citizens.

Get Involved

Email Amber Christoffersen, Mystic Greenways Director, today!