Planned Giving

Photo credit: Rick Olick

Photo credit: Rick Olick

Cities need nature. The rivers, lakes, ponds and parks create oases of blue and green, providing a home to plants and animals, combating climate change and helping people stay healthier and happier. For our communities this blue, green ribbon is the Mystic River and the 44 lakes and ponds plus 370 acres of parks.

You have the power today to make a healthy Mystic for everyone. A gift through your will or other estate plan lets you continue your support of the Mystic River Watershed Association into the future. This means that we can protect this important resource for all our community members.

There are many simple ways to give a legacy gift to the Mystic River Watershed Association, and we hope that as you look to estate planning, you will consider a gift for our community’s future. We are happy to speak with you about how to make a lasting gift to the Mystic River Watershed Association. Please contact Michelle Liebetreu, or 781-316-3438.

John Reinhardt: Fighting for our Mystic

Long-standing Board Chair John Reinhardt has included the Mystic River Watershed Association in his estate plans. Read why he made this decision!

Photo credit: David Mussina

Photo credit: David Mussina

How did you first get involved in the Mystic River Watershed Association?

In the late 80s, I came to serve as the very Association’s first Executive Director, a part-time position at the time.  Herbert Meyer, one of the earliest members, was President of the Board at that time. The board was filled with dedicated volunteers who saw the potential for this neglected, abused waterway. Their dedication to making this watershed an asset that our communities deserve continues to this day.

What is your favorite place in the Mystic River watershed?

There are two: the dam at Mystic Lakes, as well as the Amelia Earhart Dam. I fondly remember hauling herring over the dam by hand and by buckets so they could spawn in the upper Mystic Lakes. Now I am blown away that there are 700,000 plus herring passing through this dam using the fish ladder--compared to 19,000 when we moved them by hand. The Amelia Earhart Dam always attracts such a diverse group of fisherman and it is awe-inspiring to see them catch large stripers that are coming up our river—often feeding on the same herring heading towards the fish ladder upstream.

Why should others care about the Mystic River?

Just being by the water makes life better. I believe that our community members deserve a resource about which they feel pride and love to use. This is why I got involved and continue to stay involved.

Why a planned gift?

In my 30 plus years of being involved, I have seen the impact the Association has had on our watershed. Most of this impact has happened in the last decade—when the Association has had staff able to tackle such issues as sewage overflows, connectivity and restoring habitat. I want the Association to be fully staffed to continue to tackle these issues and even keep an eye to future threats. When I did my estate planning, I realized that I could continue to help my community in the future by supporting a strong Association through a gift in my will.  It is a very satisfying feeling.

A Gift Through Your Will or Living Trust

When you make or update a will, you may include charitable bequests of specific dollar amount or a percentage of what is left after other bequests have been made. If you wish to name the Mystic River Watershed Association in your will or estate plan, we should be named as:

The Mystic River Watershed Association, a nonprofit, organized and existing under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, with principal business address of: 20 Academy ST Suite 306, Arlington, MA 02476

Tax ID: 23-7221094; Date of Incorporation: April 6, 1976

The Mystic River Watershed Association is tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.  Click here to see the Guidestar profile. If you have included the Mystic River Watershed Association in your estate plans, let us know! We would like to thank you.

What will my gift do?

Through a gift in your estate plan, you can help the Mystic River Watershed Association: