Volunteer Committees

Photo Credit: David Mussina

Photo Credit: David Mussina

Advance MyRWA's mission to protect and restore the Mystic River Watershed and connect people to the Mystic. We need your enthusiasm and expertise! 

MyRWA's volunteer committees meet together on the first Tuesday of each month from 7-9 pm at our offices in Arlington. We dedicate the first hour of these meetings to a guest speaker presentation and the second hour to individual committee discussion, planning and strategizing. 

Outreach Committee

Passionate about the river, the watershed association, environmental news, greenways progress, outdoor recreation or education? If you said yes to any of these and would enjoy supporting our digital communications or in-person outreach initiatives, you'd be great for the outreach committee. Volunteers plan and implement outreach events, support youth education, develop communications and outreach about watershed topics and support the Herring Run and Paddle. Help us educate the public about our programs, watershed news and all the great things the Mystic offers! 

Policy Committee

Through the policy committee, you can advocate for responsible development and for protection of the natural resources of our watershed. Members of the committee learn together and from each other about the environmental, scientific, political and engineering issues that impact the river. Members draft letters to endorse or oppose legislation or in response to environmental permits and development proposals, testify at public hearings and more. Have a specific issue you want to advocate for or against? Bring it to our attention, we're a passionate and committed group! 

Get Involved

Please indicate which committee you'd like to learn more about and if you have any specific skills or interests. Other volunteer opportunities here.