Executive Director

Patrick Herron joined MyRWA as the Water Quality Monitoring Director in 2009 and became Deputy Director in 2014. In September 2016, Patrick took on the role of Executive Director. During his tenure with the organization, Patrick worked with staff to initiate many new programs for the association including the water chestnut removal program, river herring monitoring, Mystic Greenways and phosphorus TMDL. During his time at the association, he has written and managed many of the grants that have underpinned this work and established collaborations across the watershed. He serves as co-chair of the EPA Mystic Water Quality Science Subcommittee and was awarded the EPA Merit Award in 2012.  Prior to joining MyRWA, Patrick completed a doctorate in plant ecology at the University of Connecticut in 2007 and held postdoctoral positions at Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory and the Rowland Institute at Harvard University. Outside of work, he chases his children in and out of the water at Shannon Beach and Spy Pond among other places.



Amber Christoffersen is a designer and planner who has worked on active transportation, open space and affordable housing projects in the Boston area and around the country. She is leading the participatory planning process for dozens of path and park projects across the watershed. She holds a Master’s Degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Georgia and a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the College of William and Mary. As an avid long distance runner, she is constantly exploring the region's many waterfronts and parklands, looking for opportunities to make them more beautiful and accessible. 




Andy Hrycyna joined MyRWA in April 2014. Andy comes to MyRWA from the Sustainability and Environmental Management Program at Harvard Extension School, where he received a master’s in ecological management.  Andy discovered a passion for ecology and environmental protection mid-career, after many years in non-profit book publishing. He now leads MyRWA's water quality monitoring program and restoration efforts across the watershed. He enjoys biking and kayaking with his wife and two daughters. Andy is a passionate birder (unlike his wife and kids). Send bird-related watershed news his way!  


Development Director

Michelle Liebetreu joined the Mystic River Watershed Association as its first ever fundraising staff in 2016. She has been raising funds and awareness for environmental not-for-profits for the last 12 years—including at the Cloud Forest School in Monteverde, Costa Rica and the Alliance for the Great Lakes in Chicago, IL. A resident of Somerville, she is excited to help her local watershed.  A graduate of DePauw University in Biology and Psychology, she enjoys swimming in Mystic Lakes, as well as running along the river. 



communications AND oUTREACH Manager


Erica Wood joined MyRWA in January of 2018. Erica hails from Atlanta, GA and has made her way up the East Coast working on various community development and sustainability projects. Most recently, she led community engagement and advocacy work at a food access and environmental non-profit in North Central Massachusetts. Erica studied sustainable global development and community food systems at Virginia Tech. When she’s not working, you will find Erica gardening, exploring Boston, or embarking on outdoor adventures with friends and family. 



Office Manager

Kimberly Provo is a resident of Woburn and has lived in the Mystic River Watershed most of her life. She has an Accounting degree from Newbury College. She is currently the Office Manager and has been with MyRWA since 2006. She has had varied professional experiences including an assistant Montessori Elementary teacher at the Stoneybrook Montessori School in North Chelmsford as well as a Human Resource Representative for UPS in Chelmsford for 6 years. Kim is also a member of Woburn Residential Environmental Network (WREN). She enjoys gardening and spending time with her family.