Mystic Greenways Progress

We’re well on our way towards the Mystic Greenway vision - dozens of projects are in design and construction, from a brand new waterfront park with athletic fields to a shared-use path completing the missing link of the recreation and transportation network along the Mystic. 

MyRWA is leading three priority waterfront park and path projects, currently in the design and planning stages. To see the rest of the projects scroll to the bottom of the page. 

Clippership connector: Medford

The Clippership Connector, a proposed half-mile waterfront path, will connect more than 10 miles of contiguous greenways and provide a safe and scenic route between Medford Square, Andrew/McGlynn Schools and Riverbend Park. The path will allow people to walk, run, bike, and push strollers along a section of the river that, to date, has been blocked from public access. 

Thanks to a Partnership Grant from the DCR, the project is being designed and will be shovel-ready by early 2018. The Clippership Connector will be built approximately 18-24 months after capital funding is identified. Sign up for our enewsletter to learn about upcoming public meetings and milestones as this project advances. 

A rendering of the Clippership Connector, a multi-use path connecting Medford Square to Riverbend Park.

A rendering of the Clippership Connector, a multi-use path connecting Medford Square to Riverbend Park.

This project is a partnership between the Mystic River Watershed Association, Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), City of Medford, Lawrence and Lillian Solomon Foundation, the Medford Bicycle Advisory Commission, WalkMedford and Wegmans.


Torbert Macdonald Park Revitalization: Medford

MyRWA volunteers apply a fresh coat of paint to benches in Macdonald Park. ©David Mussina

MyRWA volunteers apply a fresh coat of paint to benches in Macdonald Park. ©David Mussina

Macdonald Park is one of the largest riverfront parks in Greater Boston, providing residents in Medford, Somerville, Malden and Everett with recreational opportunities in and along the Mystic River. While the park is an important asset, it has not received the investment needed for ongoing maintenance and improvements.

MyRWA and DCR are partnering to reverse this trend to make this a world-class riverfront park that is an environmental and recreational hub for local communities. Revitalization goals include:

  • Increase use of the park with new recreational amenities
  • Restore and enhance natural areas in the park
  • Improve access to and within the park 

Design plans for the new river overlook at Macdonald Park. Design by Shadley and Associates.

In 2016, DCR repaved most of the 3 miles of trails and removed nearly 15 acres of phragmities, opening up access to the Mystic River and increasing safety in the park. Coming in 2017: a new river overlook with a boat launch and picnic area and a volunteer stewardship program that will bring hundreds of people out to remove invasive Oriental bittersweet – all part of the larger revitalization efforts. Join us for a volunteer day, share your ideas on how to improve the park or just come out to walk, run, watch birds or relax by the river in this beautiful open space!


Malden River Greenways: Everett, Malden, Medford

The Park at River's Edge, Medford. Photo by Greig Cranna.

MyRWA is working to create a shared vision for a seamless waterfront park system along both sides of the Malden River, connecting communities in Medford, Malden and Everett to this important natural resource. Currently, a little more than 1 mile of the 3.5 miles of shoreline is accessible green space – this is a result of generations of industrial uses. Thanks to local leadership and several brownfield redevelopments, the Malden River is on its way to becoming a central open space amenity for all three cities.

Over the course of 2017, MyRWA will be partnering with cities, local developers/businesses, community groups and citizens to create a comprehensive vision that will support the implementation of vibrant and connected parklands along the river. Check back for more updates and stay connected via our enewsletter and social media to join in the visioning process.

This project is a partnership between the Mystic River Watershed Association, cities of Everett, Malden and Medford, Bike to the Sea, Friends of the Malden River, Lawrence and Lillian Solomon Foundation, Preotle, Lane and Associates, and Wynn Design and Development.

In the Works

©Ken Krause


©David Mussina


Mystic River Crossing, Everett and Somerville: The two largest developments on the Mystic River, Assembly Row and Wynn Boston Harbor, are planned to be the landing points for the river’s first-ever pedestrian bridge. This link will provide a safe, car-free route to access riverfront destinations and create a regional connection from the North Shore to Boston via the Northern Strand and planned Rutherford Ave Greenway.

Memorial Park Path, Medford: Currently under construction, two new shared-use paths will connect the Route 16 Whole Foods to the Mystic River paths along the Winthrop St community gardens and Condon Bandshell – walk, run and ride this new path in summer 2017!



Rivergreen Development, Everett: A half-mile riverwalk along the Malden River will break ground in spring 2017; this will be followed construction of a seven-acre park and outdoor recreation complex with two athletic fields and a basketball court, complete in 2018. For the first time in over a hundred years, this site, once housing heavy industry including airplane manufacturing, will now provide much-needed open space and river access to surrounding Everett residents. 

Draw 7 Park and Path Extension, Boston and Somerville: A new waterfront path connecting Draw 7 Park, near the Assembly Row T Station, with Route 99/Sullivan Square is currently under design and permitting. This key missing link is moving forward at the same time that the 9-acre park will be going through a DCR-led redesign and revitalization effort.