Torbert MacDonald Park Revitalization

Macdonald Park is one of the largest riverfront parks in Greater Boston, providing residents in Medford, Somerville, Malden and Everett with recreational opportunities in and along the Mystic River. While the park is an important asset, it has not received the investment needed for ongoing maintenance and improvements. MyRWA and DCR are partnering to reverse this trend to make this a world-class riverfront park that is an environmental and recreational hub for local communities. DCR repaved most of the 3 miles of trails and removed nearly 15 acres of phragmities, opening up access to the Mystic River and increasing safety in the park. New this year - a river overlook with a boat launch and picnic area and a volunteer stewardship program that will bring hundreds of people out to remove invasive Oriental bittersweet – all part of the larger revitalization efforts.