Working closely with MyRWA staff, the Policy Committee is a group of committed volunteers that give a voice to the water, habitat, and wildlife in the Mystic River Watershed. The committee advocates for responsible development that supports clean water, existing habitat, and a healthy environment. The committee ensures that developments are in compliance with environmental legislation. 

Join the Policy Committee! Please contact Tracy, Committee Co-Chair,  or attend the next Committee Meeting,.

The following comment letters were written after carefully reviewing the Environmental Impact Reports (EIR) submitted by the relevant parties. The comment letters were submitted during the public comment periods to the Attorney General, municipality, Conservation Commission and/or another relevant party.


To: Ivan Morales, Department of Environmental Protection Wetlands and Waterways Program
Re: Comments on the Ch. 91 Application No. 17-4901, Algonquin Gas Transmission, LLC gas transmission line at Mystic Valley Parkway in Arlington, Medford and Somerville

To: Matthew A. Beaton, Secretary Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs
Re: Wynn Boston Harbor Notice of Project Change, EEA #15060

To: Dr. John F. Quinn, Chairman Thomas A. Nies, Executive Director New England Fishery Management Council
Re: No Midwater Trawling Zone; River Herring

To: Ben Lynch, Department of Environmental Protection Wetlands and Waterways Program
Re: Comments on the Ch. 91 Application No. 16-4842, MBTA Charlestown Bus Facility – Shoreline Stabilization and Yard Improvements Project, Mystic River, Boston & Somerville MA

To: Anne Canaday, Environmental Analyst, Massachusetts Environmental Policy Act (MEPA) Office
Re: Comments on Notification of Project Change for development of Rivergreen (formerly Rivergreen Technology Park), 3 Air Force Rd., Everett


To: Mr. Jerome Grafe, MassDEP Waterways Regulation Program
Re: Waterways License Application Number W16-4697

To: Mr. Matthew A. Beaton, Secretary of Energy and Environmental Affairs
Re: MEPA Environmental Notification Form Mystic Landing, 61 Locust Street, Medford, MA

To: Mr. Lance Grenzeback, Chairman, Winchester Board of Selectmen
Re: Winchester Forest Ridge

To: Frank Taormina, Regional Planner Department of Environmental Protection
Re: Chapter 91 License Application of Suffolk Square Associates III Limited Partnership for development of 295 Canal Street, Malden, MA

To: MassDEP Regulatory Comment Box
Re: Public Notice for the Tentative Determinations to Extend the Variances for CSO Discharges to the Lower Charles River/Charles Basin and Alewife Brook/Upper Mystic River

To: Mr. John K, Bullard, Regional Administrator, NOAA Fisheries
Re: Comments on the Proposed Rule for Fisheries of the Northeastern United States: Atlantic Herring Fishery; Specification of Management Measures for Atlantic Herring for the 2016-2018 Fishing Years (NOAA-NMFS-2016-0050)

To: Mr. Frank Taormina MassDEP Waterways Regulation Program
Re: Application to Amend Waterways License No. 4981 for 245-257 Marginal Street

To: Chairman Rick Robins, Executive Director Chris Moore, Ecosystems and Ocean Planning Committee Chairman G. Warren Elliot Mid-Atlantic Fisheries Management Council
Re: Unmanaged Forage Omnibus Amendment (UFOA)

To: Commissioner Leo Roy, The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation
Re: MacDonald Park Improvement Comment letter

To: Alex Strysky, Environmental Analyst MEPA
Re: Shoreline Stabilization and Yard Improvements Project, Charlestown Bus Facility

To: Anne Canaday, Environmental Analyst MEPA
Re: ENF 295 Canal Street, Malden MA

To: The Town of Winchester Zoning Board of Appeal
Re: Petition No. 3738 by FX Winchester, LLC concerning property at 416 Cambridge Street

To: Lisa Berry Engler, Boston Harbor Regional Coordinator, Massachusetts Office of Coastal Zone Management
Re: Draft Boundary Review of the Chelsea Creek Designated Port Area, Chelsea, MA



To: Frank Taormina, Regional Planner, MassDEP Waterways Regulation Program
Re: Waterways License Application Number W15-4480-N, Wynn MA LLC

To: Matthew A. Beaton, Secretary, Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA)
Re: EEA 15060. Wynn Everett SSFEIR

To: All relevant parties
Re: Policy Statement of the Mystic River Watershed Association Regarding Development of the Mugar Property in Arlington, Massachusetts 

To: The Boston Globe Editorial Board
Re: The Globe’s editorial calling for restoration of the Mystic River

To: The Honorable Anne M. Gobi, Senate Chair
Re: Support of S. 433 An Act promoting awareness for safe recreation in public waterways

To: Thomas A. Nies, Executive Director, New England Fishery Management Council
Re: Atlantic Herring Amendment 8 Scoping Comments

To: Secretary Matthew A. Beaton, Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (March 2015)
Re: EEA 15060, Wynn Everett FEIR

To: Newton Tedder, Physical Scientist U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 1
Re: Draft Massachusetts Small MS4 General Permit


For additional and/or prior comment letters please contact us.