Mystic River Clean Water Campaign


The Mystic River Clean Water Campaign advocates for unimpaired water quality to be established in the 22 community, Mystic River Watershed. The Clean Water Campaign is based upon the Mystic River Watershed Association's Water Quality Policy Statement, adopted in 2012.

Thanks to more than 40 years of effort and results obtained from MyRWA’s certified water quality monitoring programs, water chemistry and the sources of pollution within the Mystic are now well understood. Now is the time to execute solutions.

Photo by David Fichter.

Photo by David Fichter.

To attain the high goals set out in the Mystic River Watershed Association’s Water Quality Policy Statement, concerted and coordinated action from residents, municipalities, regulators and legislators is required. It is important to engage all key stakeholders to develop appropriate clean-up and restoration plans and to secure funding to implement these efforts. To support this initiative, MyRWA will continue to enhance its communication programs to increase awareness of water quality challenges and opportunities in the Mystic.

The volunteer-led Clean Water Campaign Committee  develops educational handouts, attends community events to share water quality information and campaign goals, initiates letter writing campaigns about environmental issues and provides valuable input on water quality communications.  The Committee also focused on developing awareness around Combined Sewer Overflows and suggested action items for residential and municipal in advance of, during, and after a storm. Check out our list of tips here – you might be surprised!


Join the Clean Water Campaign Committee.  The Clean Water Campaign Committee meets monthly to strategize and implement increased awareness about current water quality conditions.