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July 21
Mystic River Paddling Tour, 6-8PM
Upper Mystic Lake, Medford

July 23
Water Chestnut Removal Event, 4PM - 7:30PM
Riverside Yacht Club, 52 Ship Ave., Medford
*Registration required

July 23
Friends of the Malden River meeting, 6:30-8PM
Tri CAP Offices, 3rd floor, 110 Pleasant St, Malden, MA

Aug 5
Committee Meeting, 7-9PM
Tufts University, Lincoln Filene Center, Rabb Room

Aug 9
Water Chestnut Removal Event, 9AM-1PM
location to be determined
*Registration required


This list of resources is intended to help you learn more about the Mystic River Watershed, water quality issues, and general environmental topics.  Many of these resources are great for teachers.

Mystic River Environmental AtlasYouth participate in stormwater education.

New England Aquarium

Boston Harbor Seaside Educators Guide

USGS Water Resources

EPA Mystic River

MWRA Education

World Water Monitoring Day

Project WET (Water Education for Teachers)

Project WET Discover Water

Water Drop Patch Kit, EPA (2008)

Water, Water Everywhere: Student Reading Unit about Water Quality. (Hach) Cliff Jacobson

Water, Water Everywhere: Water Quality Factors Reference Unit.  (Hach) Cliff Jacobson

Sea Education Association

US Geological Service Water Science for Schools (in English and Spanish)

Center for Environmental Education Online. (K-12 environmental education curricula)

Discovery Education

Youth perform water quality monitoring in Mill Creek.

Vermont Agency of Natural Resources

Environmental Protection Agency for Kids

EPA New England Education Resources

Sierra Club Activist Network for Environmental Education

NOAA Education Resources 

Massachusetts Environmental Education Society

EPA Environmental Justice Program

Backyard Biology

Certify a Schoolyard, National Wildlife Federation


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