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April 2
Herring Run & Paddle planning meeting, 7PM
20 Academy St, 2nd floor, Arlington
RSVP here

April 7
Committee Meeting, 7-9PM
Tufts University, Lincoln Filene Center, Rabb Room
*Guest speaker: Tufts Water: Systems, Science and Society Malden River Project

& Friends of the Malden River meeting, 6:30PM
Malden Public Library, 36 Salem Street, Malden

April 9
Mystic River Science Forum, 8:30AM
EPA Region 1: 5 Post Office Square, Boston

April 25
Mystic Community Earth Day
Various locations

May 17
Mystic River Herring Run & Paddle, 9AM
Blessing of the Bay Boathouse, 32 Shore Dr., Somerville


Mystic River Clean Water Campaign

Water Quality Policy Statement
| Water Quality Data | Q & A | Keep it Clean | Volunteer


The Mystic River Clean Water Campaign advocates for unimpaired water quality to be established in the 22 community, Mystic River Watershed. The Clean Water Campaign is based upon the Mystic River Watershed Association's Water Quality Policy Statement, adopted in March 2012.

Thanks to 40 years of effort and results obtained from MyRWA’s certified water quality monitoring programs, water chemistry and the sources of pollution within the Mystic are now well understood. Now is the time to execute solutions.

To attain the high goals set out in the Mystic River Watershed Association’s Water Quality Policy Statement, concerted and coordinated action from residents, municipalities, regulators and legislators is required. It is important to engage all key stakeholders to develop appropriate clean-up and restoration plans and to secure funding to implement these efforts. To support this initiative, MyRWA will continue to enhance its communication programs to increase awareness of water quality challenges and opportunities in the Mystic.



For the first wave of the Mystic River Clean Water Campaign, the Alewife Brook sub-watershed is the focus. The Alewife area is in need of considerable improvements. Alewife Brook impairments include consistently poor water quality, habitat deterioration, development pressures, flooding issues, sediment and flow concerns and Combined Sewer Overflows (CSOs). Meanwhile, it is also an area with good work underway – the City of Cambridge and MWRA are undertaking considerable renovations to the sewer system (more info here), there are active community groups advocating for environmental concerns, and the Alewife Brook Greenway was recently completed.

In 2013, the Clean Water Campaign Committee developed educational handouts, attended community events to share water quality information and campaign goals, held various letter writing campaigns about environmental issues and provided valuable input on water quality communications.  The Committee also focused on developing awareness around Combined Sewer Overflows and suggested action items for residential and municipal in advance of, during, and after a storm. Check out our list of tips here – you might be surprised!





  • Read this Q&A with MyRWA's Executive Director, EK Khalsa.
  • Town of Arlington stormwater information
  • Somerville's Reducing Stormwater Pollution into the Alewife Brook brochure

Where Can Residents, Reporters, and Stakeholders Learn More About Existing Conditions?


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